Kolektor Micro-Motor d.o.o.

Micro-Motor transfer to Slovenia (1. 9. 2015)

Micro-Motor Ltd., a company based in Therwil (BL), announced today that it will transfer all of its business operations, including product development, production, and administration, to Slovenia. For this purpose, Micro-Motor has formed a new company. Their partner to enter the newly established company will be KOLEKTOR. The company will operate from Idrija. The transfer will be completed by January 1, 2016.

About Kolektor

KOLEKTOR with its seat in Idrija, Slovenia, connects almost 30 companies and subsidiaries on strategic world markets in Europe, in the USA and in Asia. KOLEKTOR companies are organized in the following business divisions: Components and systems, Building technology and Energy and industrial technology.

For many years, KOLEKTOR has been a most successful player in the development of components for electro motors and other industry products and is very active in the niches for drives and motor electronics.

More information is available on KOLEKTOR's website at www.kolektor.com, more about Kolektor Micro-Motor d.o.o. company: http://www.kolektor.com/en/companies-in-group/kolektor-micro-motor.